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If you are considering a telephone service change, keep in mind that some VOIP services will not work with your security system. Before making a change, give us a call at 714.282.0828 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make sure the service you are considering will work. Thinking of dropping your phone service all together? We have options for that as well!

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Unlocked Doors Result in Burglaries

Last month, several of the residential burglaries in the City of Orange were homes with unlocked doors. Please remember to always lock doors and windows to your home. A number of the burglaries involved cutting the telephone wires to turn off the transmission which contacts the alarm company during activation. Many burglaries have occurred on weekdays during daytime hours when residents are not home.

We need your help to reduce crime. To help prevent burglaries:

  • keep your doors and windows locked
  • secure your side gates and garage side doors
  • keep outside lighting on during hours of darkness
  • maintain landscaping to prevent hiding places
  • lock telephone wire panel, if possible
Have a cellular backup on your alarm system- CALL JADTEC SECURITY TO HAVE A CELL UNIT ADDED TODAY.

Concerned about crime in your neighborhood or around your business? Live or work in Orange? Have an e-mail address? For FREE Crime Alerts from the Orange Police Department, subscribe to www.orangeiwatch.com

Simple Home Security


  1. 1Check all your doors and windows- On a regular basis check that your doors and windows close and lock properly. Inspect the doors and windows as well for any damage that would make it easier to break into. Think about replacing single cylinder deadbolts on to double cylinder deadbolts. Double cylinder deadbolts require a key on the inside as well as outside to unlock the door making it harder to unlock by breaking the glass. However you should keep the key close by in case of an emergency and you need to exit the home.
  2. 2Lighting- Walk around the home and property at night to determine if you have sufficient lighting. If you have a well lit home it can help deter thieves from choosing your home by making them more visible and making it harder to hide.
  3. 3 Install a home security system- Installing a security system that protects all the doors and windows as well as motion sensors a great way to protect your home and family. When you are home you can ARM the system for stay arming your doors and windows. This setting will allow you to walk around the home without triggering the motion sensor while securing the perimeter of the home. When you leave you can ARM the system for Away this will arm the perimeter and will activate the motion sensors as well.
Home Security and Alarm Monitoring for Southern California-Security Tip

No Phone Line No Problem!

In this smart phone age the home telephone is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With more and more people using their cell phone as their primary phone the security industry is quickly adapting to these changes. With the introduction of new technology and equipment you can still be monitored without a phone line. In the past it was mandatory to have an active analog telephone line in your home or business to have your security alarm monitored but that is no longer the case. Whether you choose a cellular option or broadband/internet, we have you covered.

Call Jadtec Security today to get more information, the best security solution for you.

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Home Security and Alarm Monitoring for Southern California-Security Tip

Happy New Year!

It's a new year and it's time to finally commit to securing your home. People always confess after a burglary that they have been wanting to purchase a security system for their home but never got around to it. Don't wait any longer. Jadtec Security Services offers affordable home security monitoring and installations so you can protect your home. In addition to a home security system exterior lights are important, especially near doors and in the rear of the house, where intruders do most of their work. All sides of your home should be protected by security lighting that is located high out of reach, and is vandal resistant.

Also remember intruders look for no or few obstacles blocking quick exits. Fences prevent burglars from carrying away large items if the gates are locked. Gates should be locked at all times, even when you're home!

Orange County and Southern California Alarm Monitoring-Security Tip-Introducing Alarm.com

Jadtec Security Services is happy to offer alarm.com to its products and services. Alarm.com system upgrade offers wireless home or business security systems that let you control, arm or disarm your system remotely from a computer or Smartphone. Watch live video from multiple security cameras and access a complete, searchable event history, giving you peace of mind that everything is okay when you're not there. Also with Alarm.com no home phone line is required.

With additional features available from Alarm.com, you can also take advantage of the benefits listed below:

  • Remotely lock your doors from the office, gym or anywhere in the world.
  • Set your home to warm up or cool down automatically as part of your morning routine.
  • Create automatic light schedules that can deter intruders and fit your personal lifestyle.
  • Get real-time email and text message notifications when a lock or thermostat setting has changed

Click on the link for a demonstration: http://youtu.be/geyIVl1nxiU

Orange County Alarm Monitoring- Security Tip-Security for your Family, Home and Business. Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A new state law was passed last year requiring single family homes that have attached garages, fireplace or appliances that burn fossil fuels to install carbon monoxide detectors. This law will go into effect Friday July 1, 2011. Failure to install a carbon monoxide detector can result in a $200.00 fine however you will be given 30 days to install one. It is recommended to install one carbon monoxide detector per floor and additional units near sleeping areas. Jadtec Security can add a monitored carbon monoxide detector to your system without increasing your monitoring rate.

Call Jadtec Security today to schedule an appointment to have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home.

Compliance- All single-family dwellings with an attached garage or an appliance with a fossil-fuel source must have a carbon-monoxide detector installed by this Friday, July 1.

Apartment buildings, condos and dormitories, have until Jan. 1, 2013

Alarm Monitoring in Orange County - Security Tip - Security for your Family, Home and Business

Security systems can be utilized for more than just theft prevention. With new state of the art technology you can have your home monitored for Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Flooding. These devices can easily be added to most security systems and will not increase your monthly monitoring rate. Another great feature to add is the Medical or Emergency Pendant. If you or a loved one is injured at home and cannot reach a phone you can have the authorities notified with a push of a button.

Call today to increase the safety and security for your family, home and business.


Orange County Alarm Monitoring-Simple Security Tip

If you already have a security system, remember to use it. It's that simple. In a time when people are constantly on the go and have a very busy schedule it can easily be forgotten to set the alarm as you are rushing out the door. If you do not arm the system it is not an effective tool. Most systems have two alarm settings "Stay/Home" and "Exit/Away" The stay/home setting will allow you to arm the perimeter while you are home allowing you to move freely around house. When you are leaving you will set your system for exit/away and this will arm the perimeter as well as the motion sensors in the home.

Enhance Your Security Alarm System with Alarm.com

Jadtec Security Services is pleased to offer the added benefit of Alarm.com to its services. Home security systems integrated with Alarm.com will keep you updated on anything you want to know about the security of your property while you're away with an email or text message alert when a sensor is activated. If you forget to arm your home security system when you leave in the morning, that's no problem either, just send a command to your home system wirelessly through the web or via your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android app . You can even check your home security system to look in on your pet by pulling up a live video feed of his/her favorite play area - indoors, outdoors and with night vision too.

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